Hitchhiking Europe: Day 3

Hitchhiking Portugal to Germany

The middle of nowhere in Basque Country

In the morning, there was finally sunlight. We could see where we were. The empty street next to us leads to the highway. This was the direction the driver told us to walk to. With nowhere else to go, we decided to follow the highway. Signs indicated a gas station a kilometer away, in a direction called Puerto de Etxegarate. Also on this gas station there was not a lot of traffic. The few people stopping by were going in the wrong direction.

There didn’t seem to be any way out of here and we decided to walk back all the way to Hotel Alaska and keep walking to the truck stop, a few kilometers further. However, rain started pouring down when we just started our walk. Weighing station Luckily, there was a weighing station along the highway that could offer a little bit of shelter. The weighing station was closed and may be out of use but somehow, once in a while a lot driver would pass it anyway. It was impossible to get a ride from here though. The rain didn’t stop. We tried to pack our stuff and ourself as good as possible and we quickly went back to the gas station.

One driver gave us a voucher for a free coffee in the restaurant there. Tina went in and got some fries with the voucher instead. We took shelter next to the restaurant and asked people there for a ride. It was already dark and the rain just kept going when a man went up to the restaurant alone. He didn’t speak English but went in our direction. He seemed in a hurry and wanted to get to the restaurant quickly to use his free coffee voucher from the petrol station before he would speak to us. He came out a few minutes later and just asked “Vamos?”. We quickly grabbed our bags and got into the warm car.

Our driver went to Tolosa, a small town on the way to Donostia/San Sebastián. We passed a petrol station on the way, but there would be another one, he assured us. In the end, he dropped us off at a small petrol station on a road inside Tolosa. We took some shelter in the bus stop and saw a bus passing on the other side going to San Sebastián. We decided a bus would probably be the best option. We found the right bus stop and it cost us € 2 and about an hour of our time to get to San Sebastián.

Donostia/San Sebastián

We ended up in the center of a big city with no place to set up the tent and the weather was still terrible. We first found a McDonald’s to use free wifi and decided to find a hostel. There were two hostels nearby. It was disappointing we had to pay so much money just to stay for a night but it felt good to have a shower again and to dry our stuff.


Portugal to Basque Country

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