Hitchhiking Europe: Day 7

Hitchhiking Portugal to Germany

Still stuck on the petrol station somewhere on the way to St Etienne. It took hours of waiting. Only a police car stopped. They asked us if we were hitchhiking and told us to stay there and not to go on the highway. It was the second time police came to bother us here. Finally, we found someone who was on his way to St Etienne. He said there would be a toll station which woud be a better place to hitchhike so we took the ride. His sports car was tiny; I had to keep my head under the sunroof to fit in. At least it was a fast car so it didn’t take too long to get there.

From the toll station it took about 15 minutes to get a ride. It was a Turkish driver who, again, didn’t speak English but he seemed to know a good place to drop us off. We ended up in the city of St Etienne, somewhere at a crossing with traffic lights. The street lead up to the highway. It didn’t seem like the best place but again it took maybe 15 minutes before we got a ride to a better place not far away. It was at a roundabout with some place to stop and in only a few minutes a girl picked us up. We were still heading towards Lyon. The girl spoke English well and didn’t stop talking the whole way. She said she’d find a good place for us to get off but we ended up in the center.

The weather was slightly better and we had a quick look around town, looking for a supermarket. The tourist information point offered free wifi so we could look for a good place to get on the road again. The best place seemed to be a petrol station on the highway accessible from a small town. We had to take a bus to get there. First, we had to look for the right bus stop. Although we found some bus stops that had the number of our bus on their list, the bus didn’t seem to stop there. After waiting for too long, we went around and found a map with the correct place to go. When the bus finally arrived, the driver told us we had to be at the other side of the road. We kept waiting. In the end, we spend about 4 hours just looking for and waiting for the bus.

About an hour later, we arrived in Montluel. From there, we could walk up to the petrol station. An entrance to the petrol station was hidden behind a container. We found a place in the wet grass to spend the night.

Foggy morning in Lyon

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