Hitchhiking Europe: Day 6

Hitchhiking Portugal to Germany

It felt like it was almost freezing so it was uncomfortable to sleep. We started hitchhiking in the morning and again we quickly got a ride. A girl drove us closer to a town. There was a roundabout with one exit leading to Lyon. As we stood there, finally some sunshine appeared, making it a bit more comfortable but the place turned out not to be the best. We spent hours waiting here. Most traffic went in the wrong direction. In the end, a businessman stopped for us. He buys and sells old doors for a living and apparently he makes a lot of money doing that. He drove us a very long way. It took a few hours. He was going to have a business meeting in a small town in the mountains where he also owns a holiday home. We got out of the car at the exit of the highway so we could start hitchhiking from the toll station again.

It was 1°C at our current location and again there was barely any traffic. We were not really prepared for this temperature. Luckily, an old lady stopped for us. She also didn’t speak any English. She was on her way to Paris and wanted to drop us off at a next gas station. We were happy to get out of this place but the next stop turned out to be even worse. It started to rain again and there was a strong wind, still at freezing temperature. We wouldn’t be able to sleep here. We kept asking drivers until two people on a business trip gave us a ride. Along the way there was some snow as well.

Stuck on the way to Lyon
After about an hour of driving, we stopped at another gas station. The road to Lyon (our destination) already split off before but some cars would pass here anyway to go to Lyon. Our drivers kept going to St Etienne, the nearest town. So far we were lucky getting a lot of rides but the rest of the day we had to spend here. While we were setting up the tent, police came by. Although sleeping there would not be any problem, they still wanted to see our IDs for some reason. They were just laughing a bit about how cold it was and wished us good luck.

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