5 Things that prove that Bohol was once inhabited by Giants

Travelling the Philippines is like immersing yourself into an ocean of fairy tales. Each island opens a new chapter to another fabulous world full of magic and mystery. Nobody told us that we were heading to an island that was once inhabited by giants. We found out in bits and pieces. Read what the giants have left behind before they left Bohol millions of years ago. The two giants were the only human creatures living on the island of Bohol. One day they made a discovery in the forest. Surprisingly, they met other living beings, turning out to be the extreme opposite of themselves: Tarsier monkeys – just as big as one of their eyes. The giants felt so much affection for those tiny little creatures that they begin to take care … (Continue reading)

10 Things you might Wonder about when Visiting Bali for the First Time

For the unlucky ones, Balinese food can become a nightmare with the name Bali Belly. We don't know exactly what it is that causes this sick feeling but we guess it's the change in diet together with the prevalent spicy food and non-drinkable tap water. Yakult, guava juice and raspberry are recommended when suffering from Bali Belly.

Philippines: a peculiar folk – 25 reasons to love and hate the Filipino people

Tanduay is the name of the local rhum and can be bought everywhere. A 600 ml bottle costs around 38 pesos (about € 0.70). There is almost no traveler that has been in the Philippines without trying rhum. Indeed, Rhum is a beverage that fits perfectly to the Filipino laid-back lifestyle.

Our arrival in the Philippines

We arrived in Manila on the 11th of January. We arranged to stay for a few nights at a Couchsurfing host. He told us he lives close to the airport. We arrived in the night so we had enough time to find our way. Just as in Malaysia, public transport is nearly non-existant. We had to get off the airport to get away from annoying taxi drivers – we try to avoid taking taxis, especially from pushy drivers. Apart from taxis, there are two ways of transport here: trikes (actually scooters with a sidecar) and jeepneys. Jeepneys are old jeeps used for public transportation but again, there is no way to find timetables, routes or any other information. So, from the airport, we just started walking, … (Continue reading)

How much it cost us to travel Bali for a month

While in Bali, we kept track of all our spendings and in this article we will show exactly how much it cost us to travel Bali. Kuta is a place we like to avoid, at least when it comes to accommodation and eating out. Ubud is also a bit more expensive than the rest of the island and we have another, more in-depth guide to Ubud as well. All prices mentioned in Indonesian rupiah (€1 was worth approximately 15,133 IDR (exchange rate on 21/01/2016) during our trip). Total costs: 7,762,890 rupiah. Currently, this worth €513 or €256.48 per person. This is a bit more than €8 per person per day. (The total costs exclude changing money and the plane tickets.) Without paying for medical costs, scooter repairs and … (Continue reading)

Leaving Bali for the Philippines with a short stop in Malaysia

In our last week, we spent new year's eve in Ubud. All the big festivities would be organized in Kuta but it would be impossible to get into town with all the traffic. Besides, we wouldn't be able to drink before driving back. The expensive hotels had their own parties but there didn't seem to be much going on outside until we found the big temples in the center. People there seemed to be waiting for something. It was almost midnight and we found a second floor of a small restaurant where nobody else was sitting. We didn't have to wait long for the fireworks to start. We had the best view from the terrace – the fireworks exploded right above us. On our last day … (Continue reading)

Air Terjun: The Full List of Waterfalls in Bali

Heat can become a real burden in Bali. In combination with the high humidity it can literally drag one down, making it tiring to set a step out of the air-conditioned coffee shop. While staying in Ubud, we tried to beat the load of heat rays by looking for cool water spots. Air Terjun or Waterfalls are the best refreshment on hot and sticky days Ubud is quite far from the beach or any place to go for a swim but there are some waterfalls nearby. The waterfalls are great for cooling down in the heat, especially in the rainy season when the waterfalls look more impressive and they are less crowded. We decided to research all of Bali's waterfalls and visited some of them. Most of Bali's waterfalls … (Continue reading)

15 Things to Do in Ubud for the Budget Traveler

Although the majority of the waterfalls around Bali are turned into a profit machine – local supervisors charging entrance fees – there are still some that can be accessed for free. One of them is Air Terjun Pengempu waterfall located close to Ubud, in the area of Tabanan. The falling water streams into a pool with some spots deep enough to swim in. The highlight of local and foreign visitors is a liana, hanging down from a tree, which is used as a natural swing. It's great to watch Indonesian kids doing acrobatics on it.