How much it cost us to travel Bali for a month

Here’s a list of our expenses on Bali. All prices mentioned in Indonesian rupiah (€ 1 is worth approximately 15,133 IDR (exchange rate on 21/01/2016)).


We spent 1,200,000 in accommodation. We stayed in Soca House in Ubud; we stayed with Couchsurfers for the rest of the stay.

Transportation and entrance fees

We took a taxi from the airport after our arrival for 80,000. For the rest of our stay, we rented a scooter to get around. As we had some trouble with our tire, we had to fix it several times.

Scooter rental: 1,000,000 for a month
Fuel: 352,000
Scooter repairs: 155,000

Entrance fees sometimes include parking. For entrance and parking we spent 120,500. This includes Tanah Lot (62,000), waterfalls (31,000) and Petulu (20,000).

Eating and drinking

We spent a total of 3,626,390 in restaurants, shops and supermarkets for food and drinks.

1,476,200 of this was for snacks and food in restaurants/warungs. Eating in local places would have greatly reduced our spendings.
Approximately 400,000 was spent in beer – due to very high tax, one bottle costs about 30,000 so we didn’t drink much. One exception was New Year’s Eve. Coffee and tea was a lot cheaper; we spent 83,200 on this.

As tapwater is not drinkable, we had to spent a lot to keep hydrated. Quick stops for water, juices and slushies cost us 326,800.

Money exchange

It’s hard to say how much exchanging money has cost us as the exchange rate changes all the time. We tried to find the cheapest money changers. They were cheaper than ATMs. We exchanged:

80 euros to 1,960,000 rupiah
70 euros to 1,069,250 rupiah
20 euros to 294,000 rupiah
50 euros to 740,000 rupiah

For using the ATMs, we spent about € 3 in fees each time.


Luckily for us, we no longer needed a visa for Indonesia. Also, when leaving Indonesia, a fee always had to be paid but since last year this is no longer necessary. So, apart from the plane ticket and our fine for overstaying, we had no extra costs.

Printing documents: 4000
Fine for overstaying our visa: 600,000

Other costs

SIM card (1 GB data): 35,000
Sarong: 40,000
Sunglasses: 50,000
Bracelets: 15,000
Butane and washing liquid: 42,000 (for home cooking)
Laundry service: 27,000
Medical costs: 449,000 (that’s why you should avoid Balinese tapwater)

Total overview

Total costs: 7,762,890 rupiah. Currently, this worth € 513 or € 256,48 per person. This is a bit more than € 8 per person per day. (The total costs exclude changing money and the plane tickets.)

Without paying for medical costs, scooter repairs and an airport fine, which we didn’t plan on paying for, a € 7 per person per day is feasible.

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