Colorful Streets of Prague – Guide to Prague’s Street Art

If you want to grasp the urban atmosphere of a place, you can start by exploring the streets and its neighborhoods.

Although Prague is a colorful metropole, it can still take quite some time to discover interesting pieces of street art.

Indeed, Prague is not as flooded with street art as other big cities like Berlin or Lisbon. However, if you put a little effort in your search, you will be rewarded by marvelous examples of urban arts.

Colorful streets of Prague

Smíchovské nádraží – A Hotspot for Street art

Can you imagine a better playground for street artists than train stations and their surrounding environments?

If you’re looking for a vivid train station, you can’t go past Smíchovské nádraží without noticing the numerous artworks scattered around this area.

Big Brother is watching you

Spaceships in the shape of human heads and monstrous eyes symbolize the prevailing surveillance in our society endangering our fundamental privacy rights.

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží Metro

Concrete and nature interplay

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží bus station

Prague skyline

Prague, street art, fish tank, skyline, Hořejší nábř.

Hořejší nábř.

Street Life

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádražíSmíchovské nádraží, street artSmíchovské nádraží, street artPrague street art, Smíchovské nádražíSmíchovské nádraží, street artPrague street art, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží bus stop

Tunnel Vision

Prague, street art, Psychedelic, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží Metro

Tiger vs. Pinkman

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží DM parking lot

Hidden messages

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

Probably the most stunning footprint of urban artistry is composed on the building of an abandoned train station. It consists of three pieces designed by three different artists, whereas the message reflects similar criticism of society.

1. Criticism of prostitution and human trafficking

Women with naked bodies are offering sexual services to men who pay them.

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

2. Criticism of accelerated technological progress leading to mass consumption and pollution

In a world of permanent change, there is no need to fix things as long as they can be replaced with no consideration if it’s a machine or a human being.

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

3. Criticism of media and internet, empowering the stupefaction of the people

Society killed the teenager by Pasta Oner

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

Take some time to inspect the vibrant system critical statements and pay attention to the many details adding value to your own interpretation.

Za Ženskými domovy

Out of space

Prague streetart, Bubenská


Argentinian Zoo

Prague streetart, Argentinská, penguinsPrague streetart, Argentinská, zebra

It’s a long walk from one point of the wall to the other, but you won’t feel it in your legs because your attention will be caught by the thoughtful messages of the artists, who transformed the Argentinská Wall into a visual zoo.

Prague streetart, Argentinská, dragonMichael JacksonPrague streetart, Argentinská, Breaking Bad


Nostalgic moments

Kissing under the Charles Bridge

Prague street art, kising couple, U Lužického semináře

U Lužického semináře

Departure Time

Prague street art, Andel, Stroupežnického


Historical Pepsi Billboard

Prague, street art, Pepsi advertisement, Jindřišská


Žižkov neighborhood

Prague, street art, Žižkov

Bohemian Retro

Prague street art, Bohemian Retro, Chvalova

Chvalova Bohemian Retro

Woo Doo

Prague, street art, Woo doo, Chvalova

Chvalova Woo Doo


Prague streetart, BubenskáPrague streetart, Bubenská


Remember who you are?

Prague, street art, Remember who you are, Elišky Peškové

Elišky Peškové


Prague, street art, Cubism, Na Zbořenci

Na Zbořenci

Graffity wall

graffity wall, portrait, prague, streetartgraffity wall, asian, satire, prague, streetartTukan king and flamingo graffity wall, eye, graffity, prague, streetart

Dancing robots

Prague, street art, robots


Lonely robot

Prague streetart, Vltavská

Power Girl

Power Girl

Elephant color splash

elephant, prague streetart, Bubenečabandoned building, street art, prague


Flying cardboard men

Prague, street art, cardboard men


Prague streetart, squirrel

4 Comments on “Colorful Streets of Prague – Guide to Prague’s Street Art

  1. Thanks a lot for recommending seeing this place next time we’re in Prague. We do love street art and so far our favorite was in Brussels (Cez’s choice) and Melbourne (mine). Prague looks amazing and I still don’t know how we could miss this area! Greetings from Gdańsk 🙂

    • Hi Agness, nice to read from you again! Prague is one of the few cities that people never just visit once 😉 We’re keeping up with your Poland travels. Maybe that’s on our agenda for the next summer! Greets back from Kotor, Montenegro! 🙂

  2. how can i met street artists of Prague….thank you.
    I will be Prague on 24 and 25 July this year.

    • Hi Ross,
      Unfortunately, we don’t know any artists personally but there is a lot of art to discover and you may even see artists in action.

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