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Welcome to A Couple of Countries

We are Hemmo and Tina, a couple from different countries but same hearts. There are two things we want to achieve with this blog:

Inspire and Share happiness

And there is only one way to bring those two goals together:


Trail of Happiness

We dropped notes in places that make us happy to advise others how to find happiness there too.

Every time we drop a Letter of Happiness, we make someone happy, creating a Trail of Happiness.

Follow us on our Trail of Happiness around the world!

The Importance of Stopovers and Timeouts while Traveling

When we decided to start a travel blog, we already assumed that we wouldn't always travel and write about it. Sooner or later we would reach the point when we would be tired of jumping borders and chasing flights, making us crave for a little stopover. Being able to live a life of travel is indeed something remarkable as you can move freely around and make decisions on the way. That also includes the freedom of taking your time while exploring new places. Nowadays we experience people rather ticking destinations off their lists than letting the destination decide its own pace. There are …