We are Tina and Hemmo

…together we’re A Couple Of Countries

Tina and Hemmo, Montenegro, Kotor
When we met in Lisbon in 2014 we were lonesome wanderers. That changed quickly in the course of our time we spent together in a foreign place, surprisingly falling in love.
We applied both for the same job and got hired for two different projects. After work, we would get out together to explore our new home.

hemmo writingThat’s how we met in brief – we met while travelling and working abroad. A common thing for people who would rather work in an unfair paid job if they can live abroad than taking a well-paid job at home and regretting it a lifetime.

Not until some people told me a similar story, I was completely reassured that there must be an element of truth about the magic of Lisbon when it comes to bringing people together. We were part of such a story, though we reflected our encounter in a less romantic frame.

One day, I slipped on the cobblestones and hurt my knee. This was the beginning of an awesome night. We shared my blanket which I brought in expectation of a cold evening, sitting on the miradouro Santa Catarina drinking beer and telling travel stories. It was some weeks before Christmas last year when we became a couple and somewhere during summer this year we started to create our website.

me writingWherever our feet and dreams us might bring, we’ll always keep wandering with our camera, note book and a bright smile on our lips, sharing the most sparkling stories of how life should be.

Hemmo is from Leeuwarden, a small town in the Netherlands. I am originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina (Mostar), but grew up in Germany. The language barrier between German and Dutch is not of a big deal, however English is most often our first choice in daily life communication. We want to change this and a good exercise to improve each other’s language is to write and read. As a multilingual couple we run this blog in three languages: English, German and Dutch.

We hope that our adventures and stories motivate you to put your feet on the road, crazy to pin destinations on the world map and switching them whenever there is a chance to make a stop. Travel means to broaden your horizons, learn from others and fully let your soul and heart be taken by the beauty of our planet.

Sounds of freedom

The sound of the train, when it’s rolling off the train station.
The sound of the plane, when it’s taking off the runway.
The sound of the car, when it’s crossing the border.
The sound of the wanderer, when his steps are resonating from far away.
I want to follow all those sounds.
Sounds of freedom.
I want to lock them up in my heart.
Sounds of awakening.
Sounds of a never ending journey.