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How Much Does it Cost to Travel Vietnam – Our Comprehensive Budget Guide to Backpacking Vietnam

The country and its people made a good overall impression on us. Traveling is also safe there. If you're looking for a balance between city life and nature get-aways, Vietnam won't disappoint. Although it's still possible to travel Vietnam on a budget, it's already slightly more expensive than its surrounding countries …
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Feb 3, 2018

10 Unusual Things To Do In Mui Ne Nobody Told You About

If you're a hippie at heart and happen to be in South Vietnam, Mui Ne is your paradise. Located right at the coast, fishing makes the main source of income here. From catching and trading all sorts of seafood to producing and exporting Vietnam's Number 1 fish sauce. Fish is the …
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Jan 4, 2018

How Much Does It Cost to Travel Phú Quốc – An Honest Budget Guide

Phú Quốc is Vietnam's island paradise and just a stone's throw away from Cambodia's coast. Being a relatively new destination, it's still possible to find long stretches of beach completely to yourself. However, times are changing with investors spreading the word about this blissful slice of heaven, luring more and more tourists …
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Dez 17, 2017

10 Unusual Things To Do in Dalat Nobody Told You About

If you want to see another side of Vietnam, you should head to a small but charming city in the Central Highlands, called Dalat. The cool climate is a pleasant change from the heat, making it the perfect getaway, already since the French colonial times. They say that: Da Lat has …
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Dez 7, 2017

Bali’s Best Kept Secrets – Travel Guide to Bali for those Who Seek Magic

Bali is the place where you will be first stormed by an abundance of impressions, noise and smells, just to find bliss shortly thereafter. Being referred to as the "island of gods", it holds many secrets in store about ancient temples, mighty deities and traditional life which evolved during the …
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Nov 26, 2017

Colorful Streets of Leeuwarden – Guide to Leeuwarden's Street Art

While in some larger cities street art can be sometimes as easy to find as stepping out of your house door and being surrounded by an open-air gallery of painted exposures, it can be quite the opposite in other, usually smaller cities. To discover a piece of street art worth the …
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Nov 4, 2017


Budget Reiseführer



Ein paar Worte zu uns

Hemmo and Tina, A Couple of Countries

Wir sind Hemmo und Tina, ein Paar aus verschiedenen Ländern, jedoch beide genauso verrückt nach allem, was hinter vetrauten Landesgrenzen liegt und Abenteuer verspricht. Landkarten sprechen zu uns und Kompassnadeln jagen uns quer über den Globus.

Budget spielt dabei für uns eine ganz große Rolle und hat man erst einmal die kleinen und großen Tricks raus, kann man erstaunt sein, wie viel man für wenig Geld sehen und erleben kann.

Wir sind keine großen Planmacher oder Schönredner und auch wer auf einfallslose To-Do-Listen hofft, ist bei uns fehl am Platz.

Womit ihr jedoch auf diesem Blog ehrlich rechnen könnt, sind persönliche Meinungen, detaillierte Informationen zum Budget-Reisen, Fokus auf Orte, die selten in Guides auftauchen und Geschichten, die von Begegnungen mit neuen Kulturen erzählen und Dinge ausplaudern, die für Budget-Traveler lebenswichtig sind, jedoch von vielen Travel Blogs vernachlässigt werden.

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