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How Much Does It Cost to Travel Greece – A Not-So-Budgetty Trip through Mainland Greece

How much does it cost to travel Greece on a budget? We will give you an indication of some of our spendings to show how expensive Greece is. Prices may vary from shop to shop, the prices indicated are the cheapest price we found. We spent some time in the Balkans …
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7 Okt 2017

How Much Does It Cost to Travel Macedonia – How Much We Spent in a Week

If you are planning a trip to Macedonia, it may help you to see how much it cost us. Although we didn't write down every single expense, we did keep track of prices to give an indication of prices in different areas of the country. We arrived in Skopje at midnight …
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23 Sep 2017

Macedonians: A Peculiar Folk – Oddities about Macedonia and its People

Every country has its own customs, manners and people. Sometimes, this may seem odd to outsiders. We mentioned the Lisbonese, the Germans and the Philippines before; and this time, we want to share the things that we thought were peculiar in Macedonia. We enjoyed traveling Macedonia. It's a country with beautiful nature and …
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22 Sep 2017

The Best Viewpoints and Swimming Spots around Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is the pearl of Macedonia's stunning nature and therefore should be discovered from all angles and perspectives. This article presents 4 charming places surrounding the lake, all offering unique viewpoints and refreshing swimming spots Lake Ohrid offers splendid and breathtaking viewpoints and there are many nice beaches to relax and …
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22 Sep 2017

How to Travel Budva and Kotor for Less than € 12 per Day

Montenegro or Crna Gora (Black mountain) is the first ecological state ever, meaning that the country established a legal paper to protect its nature and the rare species of animals within. Montenegro bears ancient forests with trees more than 500 years old, crystal clear rivers and wide ranges of landscapes that …
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9 Sep 2017

Colorful Streets of Mostar – Guide to Mostar's Street Art

Every city has streets: Long streets, narrow streets, clean streets, dirty streets, colorful streets, dull streets When we explore a new place, we pass hundreds of streets. Often without even realizing it. However, when we realize it, it's due to the fact that something caught our attention. Sometimes we become fully …
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6 Sep 2017


Budget Reiseführer



Ein paar Worte zu uns

Hemmo and Tina, A Couple of Countries

Wir sind Hemmo und Tina, ein Paar aus verschiedenen Ländern, jedoch beide genauso verrückt nach allem, was hinter vetrauten Landesgrenzen liegt und Abenteuer verspricht. Landkarten sprechen zu uns und Kompassnadeln jagen uns quer über den Globus.

Budget spielt dabei für uns eine ganz große Rolle und hat man erst einmal die kleinen und großen Tricks raus, kann man erstaunt sein, wie viel man für wenig Geld sehen und erleben kann.

Wir sind keine großen Planmacher oder Schönredner und auch wer auf einfallslose To-Do-Listen hofft, ist bei uns fehl am Platz.

Womit ihr jedoch auf diesem Blog ehrlich rechnen könnt, sind persönliche Meinungen, detaillierte Informationen zum Budget-Reisen, Fokus auf Orte, die selten in Guides auftauchen und Geschichten, die von Begegnungen mit neuen Kulturen erzählen und Dinge ausplaudern, die für Budget-Traveler lebenswichtig sind, jedoch von vielen Travel Blogs vernachlässigt werden.

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