Return of Winter in April – Hitchhiking Czech Republic

In the late April we started our Eastern Europe trip. The challenge is to travel all summer long in the cheapest way. Already in the first week we felt that this summer is gonna be an unusually cold one. This may influence our idea of camping in the wilderness. We will be able to relax for some nights until we start our next mission: catsitting in Prague.

10 Alternative Things to Do in Berlin that You Never Thought About

Walking along the preserved walls of the East Side Gallery gives you a feeling of how it was to be separated from another part of the town. The walls are covered in street art that deals with the current topics of society and politics, mostly expressed as criticism. When you reach the end of the East Side Gallery, continue behind the wall. The riverside is a popular place amongst locals and visitors to rest or take a beer. Berlin feels like traveling back to the 90s. A time in which squats were part of a cityscape. Nowadays you won't find them so easily anymore but Berlin is still home to some squats. Köpi 137 is a squat house including a caravan garden existing since the early 90s. Punks and alternative … (Continue reading)

10 Things you might Wonder about when Visiting Berlin for the First Time

Walking around in Berlin feels like traveling back to the 90s. People dress up in vintage clothes, floor-length leather coats, Nike Air sneakers and three-striped Adidas training suits. High buildings with ancient doorways and courtyards are reminiscent of past times. Rooms have high ceilings, parquet floor, sometimes there is no heater, just a coal-burning stove. Gumball machines, video stores, telephone booths, 1 euro shops, classic game stores, techno parties, demonstrations of environmental activists, hippies playing guitar in parks, ravers carrying a ghetto blaster on their shoulders, flea markets selling nostalgic items. This is Berlin. An accumulation of cult remnants. If you want to revive the 90s, come to Berlin! Meeting someone who has an average office job is indeed not so easy in Berlin. Basically there are 3 types of … (Continue reading)