From island to island in the Philippines

A lot of people were packed in a small, cramped area at the port, waiting for the ferry to Dumaguete, Negros Island. We were with just a few people leaving on the cheap ferry, leaving the others behind to wait for the expensive OceanJet ferry that seemed only slightly faster than our slow boat as the trip was not far. OceanJet's prices are about 5 to 10 times higher than usual, but their company is the only one that has a website, so for foreigners it often seems like it's the only option but we we did our research beforehand. From scarce online resources, we had a small list of affordable accommodation in Dumaguete but none of the prices were current; it seems prices almost double … (Continue reading)

5 Things that prove that Bohol was once inhabited by Giants

Travelling the Philippines is like immersing yourself into an ocean of fairy tales. Each island opens a new chapter to another fabulous world full of magic and mystery. Nobody told us that we were heading to an island that was once inhabited by giants. We found out in bits and pieces. Read what the giants have left behind before they left Bohol millions of years ago. The two giants were the only human creatures living on the island of Bohol. One day they made a discovery in the forest. Surprisingly, they met other living beings, turning out to be the extreme opposite of themselves: Tarsier monkeys – just as big as one of their eyes. The giants felt so much affection for those tiny little creatures that they begin to take care … (Continue reading)