A Weekend of Happiness in Leeuwarden

Not many know about Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland. Those who do are either born here, come from the surrounding provinces or are German students. Ut het nooit wat weest, en ut sil nooit wat wurde.   Leeuwarden has never been anything, it is nothing and it will never ever be anything. This is some kind of humorous verdict if you ask a Leeuwarder with less hope how he would describe his city. Those who are more patriotic would say in their defense that Leeuwarden is the heart of Friesland and come up with their awesome cows and not to forget the famous leaning tower. My opinion about Leeuwarden, as a foreigner, is so far positive thanks to being here in the right time, surprisingly. Contrary to the typical Friesian … (Continue reading)

15 Things To Do in Mannheim and Heidelberg in Autumn

Heidelberg is the neighbor city of Mannheim and considered the more beautiful city among tourists. Whereas Mannheim has a rough face, Heidelberg captivates visitors with romantic alleys and historical sights. The charming Old Town stands in contrast to Mannheim's grid map. Both cities are home to international students – Mannheim is well-known for business studies and Heidelberg has a worldwide excellent reputation for medical studies. If you want to visit both cities, take the tram 5 , connecting the Rhine-Neckar-valley. 1. Explore the old town Start at the Bismarck Platz and just keep straight, following the long avenue filled with shops, bakeries, restaurants and traditional stores. You'll pass medieval churches, the market place and the old town hall. If you're interested in books, have a look at Antiquariat. The … (Continue reading)