What happened to our 10 hopes after we hit the road?

We finally arrived in Germany after 9 days of hitting more than 2000 km of road, spending 200 hours under the open sky, going through climate changes from sweating to freezing, from beach towel weather to heavy rainfalls, sharing our stories with 26 drivers and that in four different languages. It was our first hitchhiking experience together on such a long distance from Portugal to Germany. In our journal we kept a record of our days on the road, the people we met, the stories of our drivers, the stories of the road and finally the hitchhiking spirit. We had good days and bad days. Good weather and bad weather. Sometimes it was a breeze to find a ride. Sometimes hard work. There were moments of pure happiness when we felt … (Continue reading)

Hitchhiking – 10 hopes and wishes before we hit the road

It's been 10 months that we moved to Lisbon to work and travel. We've gone through winter, Christmas, spring, Easter, summer and autumn. Winter will begin soon, whereas Portugal has one of the mildest winters compared to the rest of Europe. There are a lot of things we'll miss for sure. The blue skies and the bright sun sending warmth and happiness so that there's no way to not wake up. A look out of the window is enough to chase away the last tiredness. That's a reason why working was not too bad. The mood is most often dependent from the weather. The sunnier the better. Things come easier. Looking back to the summer nights under the open sky, great memories come alive. However, our time … (Continue reading)