Lisbon’s Best Kept Secrets – Travel Guide to Lisbon for those Who Seek Magic

Whenever we think back to the days spent in Lisbon while we lived there for a year, a stream of memories and impressions rushes through our heads. Often we don't know where to start when people ask us to find proper words to describe this fascinating city. Of course it's magnificent. It's inspiring. It's a city in permanent change but with a timeless soul. Let me introduce you to Lisbon's best kept secrets Further, this guide contains recommendations where to stay on a budget and special tips where to find good food. Lisbon is the most charming city in Europe. It's a place where many different cultures come together. Bordering on the Atlantic ocean it's a perfect beach getaway. Lisbon combines tradition and modern lifestyle. And most of all, magic is happening here day by day. We … (Continue reading)

10 Things you might Wonder about when Visiting Lisbon for the First Time

Lisbon is haunted by plenty abandoned buildings like the famous graffiti buildings in Picoas or the former restaurant Panoramico in Monsanto.

Hitchhiking Europe: Our Tough Journey from Portugal to Germany

It was probably the coldest night so far. The outside of the tent was all wet. We went inside the petrol station to warm up and walked outside to get a ride. It probably took less than 5 minutes to get a ride. We got out at a petrol station. It took a bit longer here but finally some guys passed us, then drove back and offered us a ride. It was a small car with three people listening to weird French and Arab rap music. They drove us to a tollbooth near a place called Dole. It was yet another place with very little traffic but somehow we got another ride in just a few minutes. A musician and his wife were on their … (Continue reading)

Hitchhiking – 10 hopes and wishes before we hit the road

It's been 10 months that we moved to Lisbon to work and travel. We've gone through winter, Christmas, spring, Easter, summer and autumn. Winter will begin soon, whereas Portugal has one of the mildest winters compared to the rest of Europe. There are a lot of things we'll miss for sure. The blue skies and the bright sun sending warmth and happiness so that there's no way to not wake up. A look out of the window is enough to chase away the last tiredness. That's a reason why working was not too bad. The mood is most often dependent from the weather. The sunnier the better. Things come easier. Looking back to the summer nights under the open sky, great memories come alive. However, our time … (Continue reading)

The 12 most spectacular sunset spots in Lisbon

What would be a trip to a new destination without celebrating the glorious finale of a day full of new impressions and discoveries? When the sun is about to set and we start to feel our tired legs, we long for some relaxation time, not only to rest ourselves but also to reflect about the things we've seen and the people we've met. Sunset time is the perfect time to combine these two things: relax and revive the highlights of the day. While our time in Lisbon we experienced many sunsets from many different viewpoints. Here you find the complete list of classic as well as off the beaten path sunset viewpoints in Lisbon. If planning a trip to Monsanto, Lisbon's biggest forest park, think about to drop … (Continue reading)

10 Idyllic Parks in Lisbon – Lisbon’s most Beautiful City Parks and Gardens

Discovering a new place can be done in many different ways. Some people prefer to do plain sight-seeing while others like to enjoy the nature the surroundings have to offer. We're more supporters of the second type and can't get enough of mesmerizing parks when traveling. During our time in Lisbon we had the chance to spend relaxed afternoons and take long walks in the city's most idyllic parks. Here you'll find a selection of our favorites. This lonesome place in Moscavide can be accessed by walking on the Oriente Tagus promenade continuing behind the Ponte Vasco da Gama. As soon as you see the river branching off into the mainland, follow the turn and you'll find yourself on lush grassland. This place feels like out of town … (Continue reading)

If you have Just One Day in Lisbon – How would your Itinerary look?

Portugal is one of the world's most visited places. Especially the beaches around the Algarve are loved by the backpackers. You'll even see a lot of hitchhikers when you drive on the highways. The summers in the Algarve are unique. It's this special travel spirit very hard to describe with words if you haven't experienced it yourself. Most of the travelers who come to explore Portugal, mainly arrive at the airport in Lisbon. It's not only a good starting point to take a train to Faro or rent a car to cruise around Portugal, Lisbon itself is a fascinating city. If you are planning to travel Portugal and pass Lisbon on the way or if you're there just for a city trip, keep a clear agenda … (Continue reading)

The Full List of All Fountains and Water Spots in Lisbon

We love to travel in summer or visit places which are warm throughout the whole year. If it wouldn't be for the sun, the majority of the people wouldn't consider to travel at all in their holidays. Bright sunshine does not only make your photos appear vibrant, it also lets you shine from the inside and outside. Apart from all the positive about the sun, there is one thing that can be quite enduring in the peaks of the hottest time of the year. The heat itself! Sometimes easy to handle, sometimes not. You know those sweaty afternoons and even sweatier nights? Keep your eyes peeled for a refreshment in the middle of the city when there is no sea nearby. Sometimes it's easier than you think - the cool water … (Continue reading)

Abandoned places in Lisbon – Time machine

When we travel, we often come across lots of interesting monuments, buildings, parks and sights. Some may be more maintained than others and usually they're open to everyone for visiting and discovering. If it's a popular destination, there is a high chance that you'll meet other travelers there. And then, on the other hand, there are the less crowded places. Old buildings nobody pays a visit because there is no life anymore, thus no maintenance, no prospects. We believe that every place in the world has abandoned buildings that once used to be well-visited and appreciated hotels, restaurants or important institutions. When we travel, we don't only look forward to visit the common attractions of a place, but more than that share enthusiasm for abandoned places. Picoas graffiti … (Continue reading)

Getting around in Lisbon — public transport

The first metro leaves at 6:30 AM. The last metro leaves at 1 AM. After this time, there are still some night buses leaving. If you're in the center, find a night bus at the bus stops next to Rossio square, opposite the McDonald's. One important Portuguese word to remember: greve (strike). Those lazy metro people strike all the time and you won't be refunded for the tickets you may already have. You can check for strikes at When there is a metro strike, you can try the bus but they'll be full and possible won't even stop for you. Another common word you'll see: perturbações when the metro is late again. Some information may be displayed about delays but usually delays are unexpected. Taxis Although I would … (Continue reading)