30 Tips how to Create a unique Travel Journal to Capture your Travel Memories

One day there will come the moment when you take one of your travel journals into your hands. The moment of proof. This can be in 10, 20 or 30 years. While you go through your entries, the memories of happy times revive in your thoughts. If you followed all my tips how to create a unique travel journal, there is a big chance to never forget any moment of your travel adventures.

The story behind the bracelet

"It changed me so much", she said while we waited for our dinner served in a cozy tavern in Split. Spontaneously she and me decided to spend the evening together although we just met a couple of hours ago in the common room of a Croatian hostel. "You're right", I responded well knowing what would follow. "Each bracelet contributed to the person I am today", she concluded. "Let me tell you my story." Perfectly in time, the waiter walked towards us with our orders, placed them on the table and poured some white wine in our glasses. "Dobar tek!" He wished us a good meal and left. Taking the first bite, the Canadian girl started to tell me the story behind her knotted, white bracelet. "It was my very first trip far … (Continue reading)