30 Reasons Why We Travel

Have you ever asked yourself the question why you travel or why people travel in general? Many times it is the bad things, we experienced in our lives which put us on the road. When we decide to take a break and travel, plenty people tend to say that we're running away from our problems. In the first moment they might be right. The impulse to escape from everything that is connected to the problem prevails most often: our home, job, family, friends, duties. Everything gets too much suddenly. It is a panic reaction and we chose to travel as a last resort. The further the destination the better, we think. While time passes and the past stops to bother us at some point, we realize that it's not the … (Continue reading)

Wanderlust Gene DRD4-7R Decoded – Discoverers are Dreamers for 7 Reasons

According to scientists, the lifetime urge to travel the world is stored in a gene. Taken the formula for the gene by decoding each letter and number, here is what DRD4-7R really stands for: DRD4-7R = Discoverers are Dreamers 4 (for) 7 Reasons Then you have to take your dream and make it happen. 2. Dreams can drive you beyond borders To achieve your dream, you're willing to do everything what is necessary. Write 10 pages every day, practice painting, learn new skills that your dream job demands, inform yourself about volunteering, talk to the guy next door, book the flight, visit the neighboring city and have a look for new opportunities. In the end you won't know, how you made it, but the fact that you made it will give you … (Continue reading)

30 Tips how to Create a unique Travel Journal to Capture your Travel Memories

One day there will come the moment when you take one of your travel journals into your hands. The moment of proof. This can be in 10, 20 or 30 years. While you go through your entries, the memories of happy times revive in your thoughts. If you followed all my tips how to create a unique travel journal, there is a big chance to never forget any moment of your travel adventures.